Matthias Bode

Consultant, specialist in neurology

Affiliated departments
Capio Odense


Matthias Bode's special areas of expertise are movement disorders, Botulinum toxin treatment for hemifacial spasms, dystonia and spasticity (non-cosmetic) and cognitive disorders/dementia. Also provides assessment and treatment of all types of neurological disorders based on many years of clinical experience.

Education and training

He trained as a physician in Goettingen and Luebeck, Germany, graduated in 1992 and became a specialist in neurology in 1998.


Matthias Bode has been affiliated with Odense University Hospital since 2001 as a ward and senior physician at the Department of Neurology. He was born in Germany in 1965 and has lived in Denmark since 2001.
From 1998-2001, Matthias Bode was a consultant at the Department of Neurology at Uelzen Hospital in Northern Germany.