Benedikte Thuesen

Specialist in plastic surgery

Affiliated departments
Capio Hellerup


Benedikte Thuesen's extensive experience in plastic surgery means that she performs a wide range of different operations. This includes, among other things:

- Facelift

- Forehead lift

- Eyelid surgery

- Liposuction

- Breast reduction and breast lift

- Breast reconstruction after breast cancer

- Breast augmentation surgery

- Surgery for gynecomastia

- Surgery for flaccid abdominal skin

Education and training

1982 Medical degree, University of Copenhagen.
1994 Specialist doctor


1985-1988 Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Rigshospitalet
1991-1993 Plastic surgery and burn surgery dept. Hvidovre Hospital
1994 Plastic surgery dept. Herlev
1988-1990 Teaching position in surgery
1994-2007 Erichsen's Private Hospital
2007 Co-founder and co-owner of Københavns Privathospital

Other information

Benedikte has written several scientific articles for Danish and international journals on burn surgery, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.
Written several articles and opinion pieces for newspapers and magazines about cosmetic surgery.
Participated in the Experimentarium's exhibition: "Future Body", 2000-2001

"Beauty for life - your guide to cosmetic surgery", People´s Press

Co-author of the following books:
Women and smoking (Tobaksskaderådet)
"Women, gender, body and culture" (Gyldendals Forlag)
"Surgery - complications can be prevented." (Clinical Unit for Disease Prevention)

Contributed interviews to the following books:
"Festschrift for half-aged crows" Mette Korsgaard. Peoples Press
"Anti-age. Subtract 10 years from your age" Marie Louise von Sperling. Politiken's publishing house

Professional consultant:
Gyldendals Store Lægebog
Radio and TV:
Has participated in radio and TV programs about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Lectures on cosmetic surgery, ethics, beauty ideals.

Member of the Danish Society of Plastic Surgery
Member of the Danish Society for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Member of ISAPS (International Society of Plastic Surgery)
Member of the board of the Danish Society of Plastic Surgery 1998-2003
Member of the board of the Danish Society for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery 2005-2013
Member of the board of the Danish Breast Implant Register 1999-
Advisor to the Danish Health Authority in cosmetic surgery

Articles: February 2017: 10 tips for those considering breast surgery February 2017: Guide: 9 things you need to know before getting botox February 2017: Guide: 9 things you need to know before using restylane February 2017: 10 facts and myths about botox and restylane
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