Measuring patient satisfaction

At Capio, we continuously measure patient satisfaction at all our hospitals and clinics. Among other things, we measure the treatment and service that our patients have received from us.

In January 2022, we launched a new survey where we invite all patients who have had a medical procedure with us to complete the satisfaction survey via text message.

Below you can see the latest reports.

External measurement of patient satisfaction

Our own satisfaction survey is a supplement to the nationwide 'LUP' (National Survey of Patient Experience), which is conducted annually among all public and private hospitals by the Unit for Evaluation and User Involvement under the Capital Region of Denmark.

Both LUP and our own internal measurements are a powerful tool to constantly improve the quality of our work and ensure that our quality standards are met in relation to the Danish Quality Model.

Below you can see how Capio has performed in the latest LUP survey and find links to the results of the LUP surveys. The link also gives you access to an overview of how Capio (formerly CFR Hospitals) performs compared to other public and private hospitals in Denmark.

LUP survey 2021

Capio performed very well in the latest LUP survey, LUP 2021. Especially among inpatients, we are above the national average on 31 of the 33 parameters. We greatly appreciate the patients' fine assessment of our hospital and work and are both happy and proud of the results of the survey.

As far as the outpatient survey is concerned, the Corona pandemic and the resulting busyness and restrictions have continued to be felt by our patients. There are a number of key points we want to work on so that both our patients and their relatives have a good and satisfactory experience when they visit one of our hospitals.

We have worked with signage and with the reception of our patients to ensure that all patients feel welcome.
We are continuously working on behavior so that our patients feel that we have the time needed to deal with their specific issues.
And we will do our best to ensure that both patients and relatives are even more involved in the decision-making process in relation to treatment.

Our focus going forward

It is clear to us that the 2021 LUP survey was conducted during a period when we were extraordinarily busy at our hospitals, especially for outpatient care. However, it is important to us that our service is the same in both inpatient and outpatient departments. Therefore, Capio's Quality Council has initiated work on the LUP survey's focus points for the organization, with a particular focus on two key things: To show calmness around the patients' course and to optimize our information to patients, both through dialogue and written material.

Want to give us feedback?

At Capio, we are constantly working to get better. That's why we need your help to know what we do well or what we can do better.

Give us your praise or tell us how we can improve via email -

If you have been a patient with us in 2022 and have not received a text message with a link to our satisfaction survey, we hope you will help us by completing the survey via the link here.

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