Quality in Capio

It is very important to us that the quality of the treatments we provide is high. Quality work is a natural part of the daily operations at Capio and is included in all aspects of patient treatment. On this page, you can read about how we are accredited without remarks according to the Danish Quality Model version 2.

Accredited without remarks

In May 2022, Capio was accredited without remarks according to the Danish Quality Model (DDKM) version 2 for private hospitals and clinics. This means that Capio fully complies with the requirements set by Danish Regions for quality development and quality assurance. However, in 2021, Danish Regions decided that accreditation should no longer be an element in the contracts entered into, and IKAS's Board of Directors decided to close IKAS at the end of June 2022. For Capio, this does not affect the work with quality and patient safety, none of Capio's initiatives have been stopped on this basis, and we continue to work with quality in a structured way.

We have ambitions to make our quality work even more visible and value-adding for patients, our business partners and our employees. We have a strong focus on the patients' experience of us, and in the future we want to establish an even more inclusive collaboration with our patients, partners and employees in the assessment of both processes and results.

The quality policy should help to

- Support that quality work is an active factor in the general perception of the organization's success and that quality is a priority for all company employees through internal audits and continuous evaluation of selected quality parameters.

- Ensure the best professional level of examination and treatment of both outpatients and inpatients, thus ensuring the highest professional level of all medical care, which must meet international standards.

- Ensure patient safety during examination and treatment as well as all invasive procedures.

- Minimize the risk of adverse events during examination and treatment.

- Ensure the highest level of diagnostics through the use of internationally accepted examination methods.

- Ensure the best patient experience for treatment within the organization.

- Ensure that the institution ranks among the best achievable results in public authorities' evaluation of the healthcare organization.

- The organization ranks best in patient satisfaction surveys - both internal surveys and external surveys by government agencies.

- Contribute to making the hospital's quality data visible both publicly and internally to document ongoing quality development in the organization.

Registration in the RKKP databases

Capio registers in the RKKP databases, which aim to shed light on the quality of healthcare and contribute to improving the efforts and results of the healthcare system.

The databases are based on the individual patient pathway and contain information about defined groups of patients with specific diseases and/or groups of patients who have received specific treatments.

In RKKP (Regional Clinical Quality Development Program), the work with the databases is divided into disease areas. Here you can find the latest annual reports for the databases Capio registers in.

Danish Hernia Database

Danish Anesthesia Database

Danish Hip Arthroplasty Register

Danish Knee Arthroplasty Register

Danish Cruciate Ligament Register

Danish Shoulder Alloplastic Register

Danish Hysterectomy and Hysteroscopy Database

Danish Urogynecological Database (DugaBase)

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