Michel Boeckstyns

Dr. med, consultant, specialist in orthopedic surgery with expertise in hand surgery

Affiliated departments
Capio Hellerup


Michel Boeckstyns was born in 1949 in Belgium and has lived in Denmark since 1970.
For several years, Michel Boeckstyns has been at the forefront of Danish hand surgery and has introduced several new treatment techniques in Denmark.
At Capio, Michel Boeckstyns treats all types of hand surgery disorders.

Surgical areas of expertise:

  • Surgery for pinched nerves at the elbow and wrist (including surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome with binocular technique)

  • Cushing's finger treatment (including needle fasciotomy and enzyme treatment)

  • Surgery for osteoarthritis of the finger and wrist joints (including artificial joints)

  • Correcting wrist misalignment after a fracture

  • Surgery for unhealed fractures and ligament injuries in the root of the hand

  • Underwater examination of the wrist

  • Removal of cysts and ganglia (tendon nodes)

  • Assessment of wrist pain for diagnosis and treatment options.

Education and training

Cand. med. from the University of Copenhagen 1974
Dr. med. from the University of Copenhagen 2015
Specialist in orthopaedic surgery in Denmark in 1987
Training in hand surgery at the hand surgery clinic at Rigshospitalet and Odense University Hospital 1990-1992.


Consultant at the Hand Surgery Clinic, Gentofte Hospital 1992-2015.
Scientific consultant at the Hand Surgery Clinic, Gentofte Hospital 2015 - .
Participant in over 50 national and international congresses in orthopaedic surgery and hand surgery.

Lecturer, meeting leader and/or event manager at more than 35 national and international courses and congresses in hand surgery.
Author/co-author of 54 scientific articles in Danish and international journals.
Author of 11 book chapters and editor of the book "Skadestuekirurgi" and "Kirurgi i akutmodtagelsen".
Author or co-author of 117 registered lectures in scientific societies.
Held 61 guest lectures at Danish and foreign scientific societies.
Organizer, instructor or lecturer at 100 courses in orthopaedics or hand surgery.
Member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Edition) 2005-2008
Associate Editor for Journal of Wrist Surgery 2011-
Current reviewer for Acta orthopaedica, the Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Edition) and the Journal of Wrist Surgery.

Vice President of the Danish Society for Hand Surgery 1993-1996 and President 1996-1999.
Member of the examiner corps for the European examination in hand surgery, organized by FESSH since 2005.
Member of the Scientific Committee for the FESHH congresses in 2011 and 2014, and the SSSH congresses in 2004 and 2012.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the SSSH Congress in Copenhagen in 1996 and for the FESSH Congress in Copenhagen in 2018.