Parvaneh Haji Agha Bozorgi

Responsible radiologist, Capio Vestdanmark

Affiliated departments
Capio Aalborg
Capio MR Aarhus
Capio MR Viborg


Parvaneh Bozorgi's primary radiological interest is MRI, especially neuroradiology
and she has previously been responsible for neuro-MR at Svendborg Hospital. She has extensive experience in MRI as well as ultrasound and CT diagnostics.

Education and training

2013-2016: Exams in Neurodegenerative Disease, Vascular Disease and Neuropediatric Course, European Course of Diagnostic & Interventional Neuroradiology

2011: Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology

2004: from the University of Copenhagen


2022-: Radiologist in charge, Western Denmark, Capio Privathospital

2021-: Consultant,, Horsens

2020-2022: Consultant at Mølholm Private Hospital MRI Clinic

2018-2019: Aleris-Hamlet

2017-2018: Consultant responsible for education and MRI, Department of Imaging, Hospital Nykøbing Falster

2016-: Consultant at the Guarantee Clinic in Region Zealand

2016: Neuroradiology consultant, Aarhus MR Clinic

2015-2018: Consultant at Imaging Diagnostics, Hospitalet Valdemar and Selandia Klinik, Ringsted, until Selandia was taken over by Aleris-Hamlet

2014-2016: Consultant, Department of Radiology, NSR hospitals, Region Zealand

2014: Consultant, Herlev Hospital, Radiology Department, Neuroradiology Section

2013-2014: Consultant responsible for the Ultrasound function and Neuro-MR at the X-ray department, Svendborg Hospital

2011-2013: Department physician at the X-ray department, Svendborg Hospital

2007-2011: Training position in diagnostic radiology, Odense University Hospital/Svendborg Hospital

2006-2007: Introductory position in radiology, X-ray department, Randers Hospital

2005-2006: Department of Neuromedicine, Næstved Hospital

2004-2005: Internship at Næstved Hospital

Other information


  • 2018: Supervisor and tutor course
  • 2016: Neuropediatric Course - first half, Marseilles, France. Passed final exam.
  • 2014: ESNR 4th Course, Diagnostic & Interventional Neuroradiology. Athens, Greece. Passed final exam.
  • 2013: ESNR 3rd Course, Diagnostic & Interventional Neuroradiology, Antalya, Turkey. Passed final exam.
  • 2012: 1 week study stay at Røntgenafd. Linkøping University Hospital: Ultrasound of liver with i-v contrast.
  • 2012: 20th Advanced Course in Diagnostic Neuroradiology and 4th advanced Course in Interventional Neuroradiology, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2012: 36th European Society of Neuroradiology Annual Meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2012: LMU courses , Region of Southern Denmark
  • 2012, September, 18-19, 1st World AVM Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2012: Ultrasound with i-v contrast, Aarhus University Hospital
  • 2010: MRI Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey as 1st res physician (as stand-in for Dr. Mansour Grand)
  • 2008: Nordic Trauma Radiology Course, Oslo, Norway


  • Imaging of the cervical spine: OUH and Svendborg Radiology Department
  • Acute examinations during on-call hours: OUH, Radiology Dept.
  • Teaching junior doctors during their residency in Ultrasound and MRI diagnostics
  • in Svendborg Hospital
  • Thoracic radiology: Svendborg røntgenafd
  • Ultrasound with i-v contrast for liver lesions, Svendborg Røntgenafd
  • MRI for sinus thrombosis: Svendborg Røntgenafd
  • MR spectroscopy at research course at Aarhus University Hospital and
  • Svendborg Hospital
  • MRI "Use of SWI sequence" Svendborg Hospital X-ray department
  • MR "WM lesions - Differentiation" Svendborg Røntgenafd
  • MR "MS udredning" OUH, Røntgenafd
  • MR Chiari I & II