Welcome to Capio Gildhøj

At Capio Gildhøj, we are ready to welcome you inside for specialist treatment in peaceful surroundings. We offer examination and treatment in many different specialties, including one of the country's largest hospitals in spine and orthopedic surgery. You'll find us near Copenhagen, where we have good parking conditions and easy accessibility. On this page you will find practical information that may be useful for you to know before your visit with us.

Practical information

Capio Privathospital Gildhøj is located in Brøndby at Borgmester Kjeld Rasmussens Boulevard 16, 2605 Brøndby.


We remind you to remember your parking disc!

On weekdays between 6 am and 9 pm, most parking spaces are 2-hour parking, which requires a parking disc. Check the signage as some of the parking spaces have shorter parking times.

Outside this time and in other spaces, a parking ticket is required. You can pick up a ticket at our reception and in the ward.

When charging a hybrid or electric car, general parking conditions apply.

How to charge your car

Download the Spirii Go app - Enter your payment details - Go to the left corner under "Payment and vouchers" - Enter the voucher code: Gildhøj guest - Start charging at the price indicated in the app (the price can change, so please check the price before you start charging)

Remember that general parking rules apply during charging.

Public transportation

From Brøndby Strand Station, take bus 500S (direction Kokkedal or Ballerup St.). Get off at the 3rd stop.

From Glostrup Station, take bus 500S (direction Brøndby Strand Station or Ørestad Station). Get off at the 3rd stop.

About Capio Gildhøj

Capio Gildhøj is one of Denmark's largest hospitals within orthopaedic surgery and spine surgery. The orthopaedic surgeons and spine surgeons who treat patients at Capio Gildhøj are some of the best and most experienced in Denmark, which is why you as a patient can be sure to receive professional, safe and modern treatment at Capio Gildhøj. In addition to orthopaedic surgery, we offer examination and treatment by specialists in many other specialties, including rheumatology, gastrointestinal surgery and neurosurgery. We have our own physiotherapy center and we perform several types of scans and X-rays. We always focus on the patient and work together to create safe and effective treatment pathways. We look forward to welcoming you at Capio Gildhøj.

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