Claus Madsen

Consultant, MD, PhD, specialist in neurology

Affiliated departments
Capio Odense


Claus Madsen's special areas of expertise are multiple sclerosis, acute neurology, spasticity treatment including pump treatment and Botox treatment (non-cosmetic), but handles all types of neurological treatment through many years of clinical experience.

Claus Madsen was born in 1961 in Copenhagen and qualified as a doctor in 1989 and as a specialist in neurology in 1997.


Since 2000, he has been a consultant at the Department of Neurology at Odense University Hospital, where he is still employed today.

For the past 8 years, Claus Madsen has been an expert in neurology for the Patient Complaints Board and is currently vice-chairman of the Danish Neurological Society and a member of the Danish Neurological Society.