Kristian Bruun Petersen

Specialist in ear, nose and throat diseases

Affiliated departments
Capio Aarhus


Kristian Bruun Petersen is a specialist in ear, nose and throat surgery and works as a nose and sinus surgeon at Aarhus University Hospital. He is responsible for the examination and treatment of chronic nose and sinus-related diseases and both general and highly specialized functional and cosmetic nose surgery. He is a member of Allergicenter Vest, which handles the treatment of the most complex cases of chronic nasal and sinusitis in Western Denmark, and until recently he was medical director of the Sleep Clinic at AUH.

Other information


Clinical Associate Professor at Aarhus University Hospital. Kristian teaches doctors and orthodontists in several of the Danish Health Authority's specialty-specific courses, including nose and sinus surgery, pulmonary medicine, orthodontics and jaw surgery, including endoscopic endonasal surgical technique and the anatomy and diseases of the nose and sinuses.


First author or supervisor on several articles published in international journals on topics such as sino-nasal cancer, surgical treatment of nasal bleeding and sleep medicine.