Capio's physiotherapy is a center for treatment and rehabilitation of shoulder, neck, back, hip, pelvic, knee and foot injuries. Capio physiotherapists work with you to assess your movement potential, and together we will set a training goal using the knowledge and skills unique to physiotherapists.

Rasmus Oddershede

Rasmus Oddershede graduated as a physiotherapist from the Physiotherapist Education in Aarhus in 2001 and has since continued his education, specializing in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries, back problems, complex pain problems and orthopedic rehabilitation. Rasmus Oddershede is also trained in Medical Acupuncture and is a registered RAB/SA practitioner, which means that acupuncture treatment can be reimbursed by most health insurance companies and Sygeforsikringen Danmark. Rasmus Oddershede has been affiliated with Capio Aarhus since 2005.

Capio Aarhus


We are centrally located in Aalborg city center with easy access to public transport and with good parking facilities for those arriving by car. Our hospital has a wide range of specialties represented and our staff is ready to provide you with safe and thorough treatment in new and calm surroundings.