Per Nyvold

Specialist in orthopedic surgery

Affiliated departments
Capio Gildhøj


1983 - Medical degree

Basic training at the Central Hospital in Holbæk

Specialist training at University Hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark

2007 - Consultant in orthopedic surgery at Gildhøj Private Hospital

2007 - Consultant, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Hvidovre/Amager Hospital

2004 - 2012 - Doctor at Amager Hospital Sports Clinic

2012 - Consultant, Gildhøj Private Hospital

2014 - Medical consultant in the Patient Injury Appeals Board

Other information

Special interest

All vascular surgery

Sports medicine, especially running injuries


Lectures at home and abroad on orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine topics

Received donation from the Guildal Foundation in 1988


Danish Orthopaedic Society

Danish Society of Sports Medicine

In the Society for Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Traumatology

Danish Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery