Capio Privathospital's experienced urology specialists will advise and guide you to the solution that is right for you. Urology deals with the examination and treatment of disorders of the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) in men and women and diseases of the male genitalia.

Foreskin constriction

Phimosis is seen in both young boys and adult men, where the condition can be caused by illness, for example. At Capio, our skilled urologists can help you with a surgical procedure that eliminates the discomfort and prevents further complications of the condition.

Sükrü Oguzkan Topçu

Sub-specialized in sports surgery and telescopic surgery, primarily in the knee/hip and shoulder.

Bjarne Kromann-Andersen

Bjarne Kromann-Andersen trained as a surgeon and urologist at departments in Copenhagen. In the period 1995-2001 he was employed at the urological dept. at Rigshospitalet and from 2001-2019 he was a consultant at the Department of Urology at Herlev Hospital. at Herlev Hospital. Bjarne Kromann-Andersen has been instrumental in introducing minimally invasive surgery, i.e. laparoscopic surgery and robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery in urology.

Morten Jønler

From 2005 to 2013 employed as a consultant at the urology section, organ surgery department, Viborg Regional Hospital. Currently employed as a consultant at the urological section, Aalborg University Hospital, alongside his work at Capio Viborg.

In addition to general surgical and urological competencies, Morten Jønler's special interest and field of activity is the examination and treatment of urinary problems (prostate), including examination of prostate cancer and other cancers of the urinary tract. In addition, medical and surgical treatment of impotence, urinary problems and diseases of the penis and scrotum.