Press release: Capio CFR A/S acquires OPA (Ortopædisk Hospital Aarhus) from GHP and is now represented in 4 out of 5 regions in Denmark

Capio CFR, with hospitals on Zealand, Funen and Jutland, is now expanding with the acquisition of OPA in Aarhus.

Patient satisfaction at the top

We continuously measure our patients' satisfaction with the treatment and service they have received from us. We have just published the results from the second half of 2017.

Avoid knee injuries when skiing

Our physiotherapists offer three tips to avoid knee injuries when skiing.

Three tips to reduce pain in arthritic hands

Winter weather in Denmark can be tough on arthritic hands. We've put together three tips for you to help reduce pain.

What can you do about shin splints?

Many runners are familiar with the pain of shin splints. But what can you do about it? We've gathered some great tips on shin splints from our physiotherapists.

Can I get through the airport with screws and rails in my body?

Will the scanner at the airport make a screeching noise because of the screws in my back? Can I go through security with my new hip without the scanner reacting? Can I get a copy of my X-ray to take with me to the airport?

Press release 19.11.2015

CFR Hospitals becomes nationwide with the acquisition of Privathospitalet Skørping.

You need to eat carbs

Doctor and health advisor Pia Norup explains the difference between healthy and less healthy carbohydrates - and reveals whether fruit is healthy or not.

Skin never forgets

Sun damage to the skin cannot be repaired. Read here what precautions we recommend you take to avoid skin damage.

Watch our beautiful presentation video

We've created a video presentation of our hospital so you can see what you can expect as a patient here. Watch it here.